It's time to face the facts: traditional telemarketing is a strategy that fell out of favor decades ago. Traditional telemarketing is so infamously bad at generating leads that it's become the butt of every cold call sales joke you've ever heard. So, what's better than old-school telemarketing? For businesses in the modern age, demand generation is your best option to make an impact, build your business, and net more consumers.

Top 7 Ways Demand Generation Marketing Beats Traditional Telemarketing


  1. FastTrack Prospective Clients

The problem with traditional cold calling is that it's frustrating and unproductive. All too often, traditional cold calling means your sales department is placing calls that go unanswered or to people who aren't remotely interested in your product. But you can fix that problem with the right solution and turn unsuccessful cold calls into productive sales calls.

The trick is in the ratio of how many calls are being made and how well you optimize your outreach. Our Follow14 is a sales outreach formula that helps you place calls to 10 potential consumers and send four optimized emails to follow up on successful calls, or even reach new consumers. This ratio gives your company a better chance at reaching consumers that are more likely to answer your calls.

       2. More Quality Conversations

Traditionally, telemarketing is a slower process than other types of sales outreach, such as digital - but it doesn't have to be that way. When you can use the right technology, you can increase the calls you make and increase the number of live conversations your sales representatives can have in an hour which will inevitably lead to successful ROI.

ProspectConnect is special because it allows our Sales Development Specialist to talk to up to 7 to 10 prospects every hour. Our team does the work of navigating phone trees, prompts, and gatekeepers so you don't have to. 

       3. Buyer-Intent Lead Generation

Back in the day, traditional telemarketing was like a game of Russian Roulette, where you could never be sure if the next call was going to produce a consumer that was interested in your product. Today's data mining gives your company the ability to place more accurate calls, meaning you can specifically target prospective consumers based on their internet data.

The way this works is simple. By partnering with ProspectHunter and our B2B Decision Maker Database team, data is audited to find patterns and identify potential consumers based on their internet footsteps, which gives you a greater likelihood of getting into contact with someone who not only is interested in your product but has the potential to become a customer.

         4. Better Sales Intelligence

One of the best ways to update the type of calls you make is to ensure that most of your calls will have a positive sales outcome because the person on the other end of the line is part of your target audience.

Our Sales Intelligence Solutions take the guesswork out of the equation. We will improve your market research and help you identify people in your target audience by making sales-neutral calls that can gather important data you may need. This type of sales intelligence gives you actionable data that can help you make informed and insightful decisions about whom to contact for the best ROI. Ultimately, using sales intelligence in this way will save you time and lead to greater success.

         5. Clean Up Your Database

Your business must get into contact with the correct decision-maker within the organization you are targeting. Sales, for example, has a higher turnover rate than other industries, which means a frequent database cleanup is essential to ensure that the data being used is correct and up to date.

Our database cleanup can verify existing firmographic information about previous consumers and replace inaccurate data with updated information, such as new titles, contact information, and other personal details that will help your sales reps make every call successful. Outsourcing your database cleanup will free up time for your sales reps and keep them operating seamlessly for greater success.

        6. Account-Based Marketing

This is a strategy that defines the way our teledemand decisions are made. With account-based marketing, the idea is to have target customers in mind instead of a wider range of companies that may or may not be interested in your product. Targeting specific companies enables us to spend our resources securing a ready-made consumer rather than spending time and resources trying to hunt down a lead.

Using account-based marketing puts you in a unique position than traditional telemarketing strategies. Instead of passively trying to catch consumers, you place your company in a more proactive position that allows you to chase a specific lead because you have the resources and time to do so. While this means you are spending more time on individual calls and accounts, it also means that your time is better spent because of the increased likelihood the account is going to engage your company in business.

           7. Use Social Media

In the same way that internet data analysis can give you warm leads instead of cold ones, so can using certain social media platforms. For example, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for one-to-one outreach with your target clients. With LinkedOUTbound, the ProspectHunter team will handle all the activities that your sales team simply doesn't have time for, such as making connections, getting into conversations, and building relationships with prospects.


Today's telemarketing is better, more accurate, and more successful than ever before. By utilizing a variety of technology solutions and innovative techniques, our demand generation marketing will have greater returns on your investment. From analyzing internet data to identify prospective clients to fast-tracking prospective consumers with optimized messaging to hiring special agents like our expert SDR team to get past the phone tree barrier, your sales reps are more successful when they have more tools to work with.

If you want greater ROI and better success with your telemarketing strategies, then demand generation marketing is the sales solution you need to make the biggest impact. Ultimately, this type of telemarketing is a better strategy for getting your money's worth out of your marketing investments and your employee's efforts to confirm successful consumer conversion and nurture sales relationships. To learn more about our innovative approach to demand generation, contact ProspectHunter today.


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