When considering your lead generation efforts, creating a winning strategy can be hard, especially if you don't know who to target. After all, you don't want to waste your time contacting people who aren't interested in your product. These principles of lead generation can help you take advantage of this effective approach toward gaining new customers.


Personalized Email Campaigns

The key to a successful email campaign is to narrow down your target market and take a unique, personalized approach to attract those specific buyers. By segmenting your customer base into narrower niches, you're able to provide personalized emails that will generate interest. Your ROI will be higher than if you just send an email blast to a random audience at large. That shotgun approach never works and that's why we developed the targeted SmartMail campaign. We bring together personalized direct mail and a digital experience to make a huge splash.  

Use LinkedIn

This social media platform is often underutilized for lead generation, especially for business-to-business (B2B) companies. In fact, according to LinkedIn Business, LinkedIn members' response rates to messages are three times higher than traditional email. With LinkedOUTbound,  we help you identify LinkedIn connections who are the most interested in your product or service. Utilizing the buying power that is reachable on LinkedIn with LinkedOUTbound is a great way to engage your best-fit prospects to create long-lasting relationships and pipeline opportunities. 

Act on Fresh Data-

Things change fast these days and what was last month's opportunity may be lost this month. A key to successful lead generation is to interact with the prospect at the right time, in the right place. This allows you to get the maximum ROI on your efforts. On average, 25% of your database ages out every year, but with our Data-Base Cleanup campaign, you can ensure that you are marketing to real prospects and not spending valuable resources chasing ghosts. 

Align Your Lead Generation Efforts 

Integrated prospecting campaigns are more effective than isolated single-channel campaigns. This approach allows you to meet potential customers where they are, whether it's through the mail, email, or LinkedIn. Use the same graphics, messaging, and CTA on all lead generation materials for a single campaign. This builds brand recognition, creates synergy, and keeps the prospect headed in your direction no matter how they encounter your company the first time. Working with a partner that handles all of these efforts for you just makes sense. ProspectHunter creates campaigns tailored to your brand and messaging to attract, target, and deliver prospects that are interested in hearing more about your products and services 


Use Data to Your Advantage

If you can find a way to know when a prospect is interested in your product or service, lead generation would be easy. Luckily, with our Buyer-Intent data, we can provide you with people who are considering your product, whether they're searching for it online or subscribing to relevant online newsletters. You can harness this data to make your lead generation campaigns more effective and save time by doing it.  

Not only can we help you identify better prospects using better data, but we can also help you pinpoint the best time to reach them. We gather and analyze data from millions of digital interactions to provide you with the companies that have an interest in your solutions to give you the best chance at converting them to sales. Data is your key to narrowing your lead generation focus and to meeting the prospect where they are at exactly the right time.

Ask for help!

At ProspectHunter, we believe that the more quality conversations you have, the more revenue you'll generate but it takes time that your company may not have. We can help! 

Don't wait for prospects to come to you or waste your time chasing the wrong ones. Instead, gear up your lead generation strategies and bring them in yourself. Contact ProspectHunter to learn how we can help you supercharge your outbound lead generation campaigns.

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