There's a demand for every product on the planet and every service under the sun. Nevertheless, many businesses fail to capitalize on demand because they are unable to find it and exploit it. Spray and pray approaches like telemarketing are much like panning for gold, desperately hoping to find a nugget amidst a heap of dirt. With lead generation companies like ProspectHunter, you go straight to the vein of ore.

We specialize in demand generation, which involves identifying existing sources of demand and searching for ways to expand demand by targeting the right customers. With our novel approach, we can take your B2B marketing to new heights. Here are just a few things that lead generation companies like ProspectHunter can do for you.

Five Things Lead Generation Companies Can Do for You


1. Drum Up More Meaningful Leads

While this might seem like an obvious item on the list, it's one that's worth analyzing. Not all leads are created equal. Many companies brag about long lists full of leads, but many will lead you nowhere. Our focus is delivering Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that won't waste your sales team's time.

One way we do this is by carefully defining your target market and honing in on the leads that are most likely to turn into sales. Our outbound approach is called Follow14, which includes 10 phone calls and four optimized emails. This pinpoint strategy results in more conversations and fewer dead ends.

We also take steps to ensure that your marketing efforts aren't being wasted in other ways. For example, we review your contact database to make sure that all information is up to date. About a quarter of your database becomes outdated every year, whether due to businesses relocating, closing down, or shifting their activity. We update your database with the latest info and can even use this as an opportunity to reach out to leads that have cooled down.

2. Discover More Demand

Businesses often identify demand by comparing the competition's sales and their own to determine what the market is looking for. However, this only reveals the demand that has already been satisfied by the market. What about all of those businesses that could use your products or services, but just aren't aware of them yet? We have a solution for that.

Our TeleDemand approach includes the use of sales intelligence. With this, we identify other businesses' budgets and what products or services they currently use. We can even dig deep and look at when their contracts are up for renewal so that you can get your foot in the door. Identifying these opportunities helps us drive demand for your business.

3. Leverage Data to Secure Sales

Generating leads is just the beginning for lead generation companies. Your sales team needs support to turn those leads into profits for your business. We provide that support in several ways, but none stands out more than our commitment to using data-driven sales strategies.

Our data team puts together comprehensive profiles that track millions of internet actions. With this data, we can identify businesses that might benefit from working with you. The data, in turn, drives how we approach other businesses to secure sales. We prefer accuracy and quality over quantity, so our data is constantly being curated and refined to ensure that every time we reach out, we actually reach a decision-maker.

If you need additional sales support, we can also help you outsource sales entirely. Skip all the steps required to build a sales team of your own and let us drive your sales. We monitor leads from the moment we identify them until they sign a contract, and even then we keep up with your clients and make sure they remain yours.

4. Take LinkedIn to the Next Level

It may surprise you to learn that LinkedIn is one of the most efficient places for lead generation. Inboxes get flooded with emails, phones ring off the hook, but LinkedIn tends to receive a lower volume of messages. Therefore, users feel less overwhelmed and are more likely to respond to a message they get on LinkedIn. In our experience, you're more than three times as likely to get a response from LinkedIn as you would other means.

As a result, we've woven LinkedIn into every aspect of our lead generation strategy. With LinkedOUTbound, our proprietary approach to leveraging LinkedIn, we'll increase your visibility and find better leads for your business. We optimize your profile to highlight your business's strengths, improve your message with carefully crafted copy, and help you manage the upcoming onslaught of leads.

Whenever we identify a positive response to one of your outbound contacts, we provide you with all of the information you need about that client to take meaningful action. You won't even have to sift through your inbox to find the message in question because we send you direct links to the thread so you can go straight to the conversation. Speaking of conversations, let's talk about those.

5. Build Relationships Through Quality Conversations

We believe the fatal flaw with most lead generation companies is that they fail to see leads as people. It's a common problem in B2B marketing. We tend to imagine a faceless business and simply want to score a sale. However, decision-makers are people just like you and need to be viewed as such.

So even when we are sifting through a thousand data points to derive insights about a potential client, we never forget that we have to work with people at the end of the day to close a sale. That's why we emphasize conversations. We ask the questions that are on your clients' minds and give them helpful answers.

Our goal is always to establish solid business relationships that can last a lifetime. Rather than deal with fickle clients that come and go, we find the ones that are most likely to contribute to your business in the long term. Our unique approach to communications and conversations is just one of many reasons why ProspectHunter is trusted by businesses large and small.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation

If you struggle to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, what can you do? When your old tricks no longer work and you've run into nothing but dead ends, it's time for a change. ProspectHunter can give you the data and expertise you need to breathe fresh life into your lead generation.  Let's talk.


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